Official Distributor & TradeMark Owner of BAOFENG Brand for Pakistan Region

What are BaoFeng Radios?

Do you want a high-quality radio that caters to your amateur or commercial needs at an affordable price? Then BaoFeng radios are the ideal solution! BaoFeng radios have a versatile range of applications, providing communication solutions for high-rising buildings, hotels, markets, security guards, banks, law enforcement, government offices, factories, private offices, industries, superstores, restaurants, schools, and many more. These radios operate in both VHF and UHF frequencies, with the capability to operate in narrowband 12.5 KHz or wideband 25 KHz. BaoFeng Radios offer excellent value and flexibility with channel steps as low as 2.5 KHz, CTCSS and DCS tones, and can be programmed either through a PC or manually. With a maximum output of 8 watts, BaoFeng radios are the top choice for radio enthusiasts and commercial users looking for high-quality communication.

Who We Are:

Welcome to Baofeng Solutions (SMC-Private) Limited, the company that specializes in providing top-notch communication solutions. We are proud to be the official "Baofeng Radios" distributor in Pakistan and to offer world-leading communication technology to our clients. Our team of experts is constantly striving to improve and enhance the affordable radio movement, and we don't just sell BaoFeng. Instead, we take the time to test and enhance every aspect of the product.At Baofeng Solutions, we are the only distributors in Pakistan who provide full support to our clients. We take pride in what we sell, and our team of licensed radio operators understands our products inside and out. So when you buy from us, you can rest assured that you're getting the best communication solution on the market.


Rest assured that purchasing radios from us is a smart choice. We stand behind the quality of our products and can confidently guarantee that you will never receive a refurbished, re-manufactured or faulty radio. If any issues arise within the first year of use, our unwavering support team will handle repairs at absolutely no cost to you. We are the sole licensed BaoFeng radio center authorized to perform warranty claims in-house and at zero costs to our customers. You can trust that we will always provide top-notch service and keep you connected with the communication tools that you need.

For Personal & Small - Medium Business Users


Pc Programmable
16 channels
Range 2-3 Km
1.8 Watt Output

For Amateur Users


Backlit LCD Display
Pc/Keypad Programmable
128 channels
Range 4-5 Km
5 Watt Output

For Govt & Commercial Users


Dual PTT Buttons
Backlit LCD Display
Pc/Keypad Programmable
128 channels
Range 8-10 Km
5-8 Watt Output

Some of Our Clients



Our top-notch devices and gadgets are not only reliable and dependable, but we know our products inside and out. Rest assured that when you purchase from us, our after-sales and warranty support is unmatched. We don't just offer support - we offer confidence! Unlike other companies, we won't charge you fees or outsource our support. We specialize in the communication industry, ensuring that we're always focused on delivering exactly what you, the consumer, want. We are reachable, and we take pride in being laser-focused on providing the best products and support possible. Choose us and experience the confidence that comes with knowing you're in good hands.


"We take immense pride in the fact that our products are shipped directly from Pakistan. If you're looking for a BaoFeng radio and need it fast, look no further. Overseas shippers take too long to simply pack and process your order, but with us, you'll have your BaoFeng radio in your hands in no time - before those other shippers have even started their processes. We make sure that our orders are shipped the same day, so you can sit back and relax knowing that your product is on its way. We're confident that our delivery times will meet or exceed your expectations."


Firmware Matters: Our policies guarantee that your product will always have the latest firmware. We take pride in air shipments with our trusted partner in logistics, M&P Courier Pvt. Ltd., for all our products from manufacturing. We do not compromise on quality by shipping any products or accessories via boats. Our firmware is a significant step ahead of any other storefront, which sets us apart in the market. Rest assured, with our dedication to customer satisfaction, we guarantee that you will have the latest firmware available and that your product will always remain updated. With us, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your investment is in good hands.